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We foster kittens and cats from the Castaic Animal Care Center. To meet and adopt one of our fosters, please call 818-686-8616 or email   All cats will be vaccinated, micro-chipped, spayed or neutered, and adopted through the Castaic Animal Care Center.  

Freckles (A5250962)


Freckles was one of many cats trapped at a hoarding situation along with his offspring. He was an outdoor cat and could be again. However, he is liking being petted, being held and most of all being hand fed sardines!  He just needs a loving home!  He is at least one year old and will be neutered, micro-chipped and vaccinated before being adopted.

Cameron (A525008)


Cameron is a spitting image of his daddy, Freckles.  He is approximately nine months old and a real sweet cat.  Shy, but allows us to pet him and pick him up. He enjoys playing with his siblings and could be an indoor or outdoor cat.

Sammy (A525008)


Sammy is the most outgoing of the bunch. The little ball of love is approximately 3 months old. She loves to be held, purring from the moment you pick her up.  She loves to play and would love to be adopted into a home with other cats, or with her siblings.

Alex (A5258604)


Alex is Sammy's sister, and loves to play with Sammy.  Alex is quite shy and at first will let you know she would rather not be held. However, once in our arms, she gives in.  She would do best if she could be adopted with Sammy as in indoor cat or with her brother or dad as an indoor or outdoor cat (once she is older).

Blue (A5252822)


Who doesn't love a Russian Blue?  Blue is approximately one year old. She came into the shelter as a stray on January 29, 2019. She was very scared and shy, but not aggressive  Learning to trust, she is fine with us petting her and picking her up.  She would do best in a home with another cat who can teach her how to be a better house cat!  But, any home allows us to save another!

FOSTER CATS Adopted in 2019

ADOPTED! Laverne (A5237607)


Laverne came into the shelter as a stray on 11-17-18. She is a female of unknown age. She is now friendly and loving. She loves to be held and purrs.  She can be an indoor or outdoor pet, and will do best with another friendly cat.

ADOPTED! Shirley (A5238821)


Shirley came into the shelter on 11-21-18 as a stray. Her age is unknown.  She is still scared, but we are working with her every day.  We can pet her, and she tolerates us holding her. She would make a great barn or outdoor cat. In time, she may be loving house pet as well. She would also benefit from being adopted with another cat. We can only foster for a short period of time, so we have to encourage their adoption even if they are still scared.

ADOPTED! Dakota (A5242185)


Dakota is a female calico cat of unknown age that came into the shelter on 12-9-18. She is most likely related to Shirley and Cali.  She loves being friends with Laverne. Dakota lets us pet her and pick her up. She will still occasionally first hiss, but puts her guard down immediately as she knows we will never hurt her.  She will take a gentle person  to keep bringing her out of her shell.  She can be an indoor-outdoor or barn cat. She would love to be adopted with laverne or another cat.

ADOPTED! Callie (A5241567)


Callie was trapped and brought to the shelter as a stray within days of Shirley and Dakota.  She was frightened and was deemed as feral because of her aggressiveness.  Since being placed in foster care, this little calico has calmed down. She likes to be near people and is now letting us pet her and hand feed her!   She will need a gentle person to continue to work with her. She would also love to be reunited with Shirley or Dakota.  If you would like to meet Callie, please contact Lisa at 661-212-7938. 

ADOPTED! Hunter (A522931)


 Hunter  has had a string of bad luck, due to no fault of his  own.  As an 8 year old adult, this gorgeous orange tabby found himself  in the Castaic Animal Shelter.  He was quickly adopted because of his  gentle demeanor and good looks.  However he was frightened of his  adopters and hid under a bed much of the time. His people decided that  they didn’t want him anymore and he was once again on the streets.  He  was found as a stray and the stress of being returned to the shelter  caused him to shut down and stop eating. If he was not taken into  foster care his future would have been bleak.  Hunter is a great cat.  He is shy but  affectionate, and is good with other cats.  He needs a quiet loving home where he can thrive.  

ADOPTED! Betty Boop (A5223193)


Betty Boop came to the shelter as a stray on September 28, 2018 with a litter of kittens.  She was in foster care while her kittens matured. The kittens have since been fixed and are ready for adoption.  Betty, on the other hand, was still scared and would not allow anyone to hold her.  So back into foster she went. She is just over one year old.  We have only had her in foster for a week and we can already pet her. We only have a limited time to foster her, so we need to find her a home with someone willing to work with her asap.  She could be an indoor-outdoor cat; however, white cats are easy targets for owls and coyotes. So it will be imperative that she be indoors at night. 

Splinter (A5245223)



Splinter (A5245223) is an approximately nine month old gray male cat. He came into the shelter as a stray on December 20, 2018. He was scared and hissed. He was put into foster because he has been at the shelter too long. He needs out now! We can pet him and pick him up, but he still needs a quiet, patient person to love him. He can be an indoor or outdoor cat!

Jolson (A5243896)


Jolson (A5243896), a black, male older cat ( at least 7) plays on your heart strings. He is kind, loving, and very scared.  Who knows what terrible things were done to him. He is very afraid, but slowly coming out of his shell. We can pet him, and he will let us hold him, but he is scared and runs back to his bed. He needs a kind, patient soul to help him see that life and love can be beautiful.

Maximus (A5246790)



Maximus (A5246790) is a neutered 3 year old tabby that came to the shelter as a stray on new year’s eve. He was hoping 2019 would bring him a friendly forever home. He was quite grumpy at the shelter, so we are fostering him. He is a love, with an opinion. Probably not a cat for young children, but certainly for anyone who wants a big gorgeous cat in their house

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