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Golden Years Dog Sanctuary

golden years dog sanctuary: a nonprofit dedicated to dog and cat rescue.

Giving Senior dogs a last loving home in which to thrive.  A place to live pain free, and have the freedom to move and play. 


About Us


Our Home

Golden Years Dog Sanctuary, a 501c3 non-profit dog and cat rescue, is located at Goldspirit Farm, nestled at the base of Angeles National Forest in Kagel Canyon, Los Angeles County. The dogs have their own half acre run with dog houses and a dogominium complete with custom built beds, carpeting,  heating and air conditioning. They also get to roam on eleven acres of doggy heaven known as Goldspirit Farm.


Our History

Goldspirit Farm was established in February of 1999.  Owning and living on a horse farm was a life long dream for founder of Golden Years Dog Sanctuary, Susan Friend LeTourneur. She met Paul LeTourneur one year later and they have been together ever since.  They quickly learned that Kagel Canyon is a hub for dumping dogs.  Before creating Golden Years Dog Sanctuary,  they saved nearly fifty dogs.  Many of these dogs were literally abandoned at the front gate, or left under the dumpsters like trash.   We always took them in and found them a home.  Often that home was Goldspirit Farm.  


Our Mission

Golden Years Dog Sanctuary obtained an Excessive Animal Permit and became a 501c3 nonprofit organization dedicated to saving senior and at-risk dogs from shelters.  We seek out the old, sad, sick, never-going-to-get-adopted dogs and give them a last great life.  In some cases, they only have a couple of months remaining, but many twelve year old dogs have lived an additional two to three years. 

We also foster and save at-risk cats and kittens from the local shelters.  Our goal is to save as many lives as possible.  


Meet the Founder


Susan Friend LeTourneur

Animals have always been her passion.    Susan's first word was "cat."  She had cats growing up, but was never allowed to have a dog.  The day Susan closed escrow on Goldspirit Farm she went to the shelter and adopted her first dog, Cody.  Owning a horse farm was one of her life long dreams; the other dream was to help animals.  Susan has  always been passionate about saving dogs, and helping the environment.  As she describes it: "It  is a responsibility, not an option, to  contribute something significant in this life to make the world a better place."  Before turning 50, Susan decided it was time to make one cause her legacy.  Elephants and  wolves are her favorite wild animals, but since she can't keep them in her back yard, she decided that improving the way shelters are managed across the country would be her pursuit.  Creating the dog sanctuary and  thereby enhancing the future of dogs and cats is one step toward that goal.  


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