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Golden Years Dog Sanctuary

golden years dog sanctuary: a nonprofit dedicated to dog and cat rescue.

Our Facility

It's gone to the dogs....

Over the years we have continued to improve the living area for the dogs. We started with a small fenced in area.   We ran two successful gofundme campaigns before we thought about becoming a non-profit corporation. The first campaign provided us with funds to install perimeter fencing  so the dogs could be at liberty in the back yard.  The second campaign allowed us to build a large structure with a roof and room for their custom dog houses.  The kennel was built with three separate sections.   This allows us to  introduce new dogs to the group.  It also provides a safe place for a sick or weaker dog to eat or relax.  We installed a doggy door and a ramp leading into the  dogominum.  They have custom dog beds and carpeting,  The dogominium has an insulated roof and walls, plus heating and air conditioning.  During the day they have free range to hang out with Susan and her clients at the stable.  They love all the attention they receive from our clients.  Some of the dogs love being near the horses.  They have two dedicated stalls with couches, dog beds, and plenty of shavings in which to roll.  They love it!  We have done our best to create a doggy heaven at Goldspirit Farm for the enjoyment of the dogs of Golden Years Dog Sanctuary.


Our Home Base

Goldspirit Farm

Golden Years Dog Sanctuary is based at Goldspirit Farm, which is also the home of the founders, Susan and Paul LeTourneur.   Susan Friend LeTourneur is an avid rider who competes in eventing, jumpers, and dressage.   Goldspirit Farm provides boarding, training, and lessons. Have an inkling to ride or learn about horses?  Visit our website:  Goldspirit  Farm